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Get Legal Aid with Our Self-Help Clinic

Your legal needs are important and shouldn’t be delayed because you can’t afford an attorney. The benefit of having expert guidance is within reach with Charlotte County Legal Aid Society. In fact, we offer a complimentary 20-minute session with multiple attorneys at our Self-Help Clinic through the Charlotte County Clerk of Court. Unless you already have an attorney or public defender, you can turn to Charlotte Legal Aid to receive the following:

No Cost
Legal Services

Meet With Qualified
Attorneys Free of Charge*
?*The panel providing advice to you includes attorneys licensed in Florida and may include volunteer attorneys who are not licensed to practice law in Florida. The licensed attorneys will be identified to you, and you should consider that any legal advice given to you is from the licensed attorneys. The non-licensed attorney’s participation is only intended to provide assistance to the licensed attorneys.

No Deposit or
Retainer Fee

All Appointments are virtual, meet with attorneys from your home or device

Make Your Virtual Appointment

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Legal Aid volunteer attorneys meet with clients via Zoom by appointment only. Make your appointment at the Self-Help Clinic to receive a free 20-minute legal consultation with qualified attorneys.

Appointment Times Available:

10:00 am – 12 pm

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Help Yourself to Free Resources Provided by the Charlotte County Clerk of Court

Often, you don’t need an attorney for routine legal matters. Explore the Charlotte County Clerk of Court’s library for free self-help forms that cover a variety of needs such as:

Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Explore some of the most commonly asked legal questions and the free legal aid services available.

Volunteer Opportunities with Charlotte County Legal Aid

We’re searching for attorneys and volunteers to lend their time and provide the community with the legal assistance it needs. Let’s unite to serve the people of Charlotte County!